Today’s world of insurance is complex and highly reactionary. Many plans are here today and gone tomorrow. We deal with hundreds of insurance claims a day for our patients and most have no issues. However, most insurances have multiple plans that we might or not be participating in. It is expected that you as the patient call your insurance company to be sure you are able to be seen by our physician. Please be sure that our staff will make every effort to work with you to assure that your claim will be honored but what you provide is how it will be billed. If your claim is denied as out of network we will bill you accordingly after having utilized all information you provided at the onset.

We will take every measure to assist you with collecting reimbursement for your services by collecting your information and asking you to update your records as deemed necessary. Your participation in this regard is highly desirable in order for us to bill accurately. If after all attempts fail it is understood that you, as the patient are ultimately responsible for payment in the event your claim is not honored for any reason.

If you have a copay, it will be collected on your date of service. Please come prepared to remit this fee.

We do not participate with vision plans. Any service known not to be covered by any insurance will be billed and payable by you on the day of service. An example would be the refraction charge of $40.00, deductibles not covered by primary or secondary insurance, self pay fees, cosmetic surgical lenses plus any over the counter products purchased such as drops, etc.

Lastly, if you have a question or concern regarding your bill, please be respectful of our staff. They are expert, experienced, and compassionate. They serve as a liaison between you and the very impersonal and often frustrating world of insurance.